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#1 Fundamentals of e-Learning: Basic Concepts Discussion: Teaching at a distance or face-to-face?

For this activity please do the following:

1. Discuss the advantages and disadavantages of distance education versus traditional education.

2. State your personal preference by specifying the reasons for your choice.

#2 Online Learning Theories Discussion: My Favourite Learning Methods & Techniques

Which instructional methods and techniques do you usually prefer in your traditional courses? Which one of them can be adopted to online courses and how? Please provide a detailed personal insight on the topic.

#3 Learning and Content Management Systems (Moodle) Discussion: Activity: Thoughts on Usability of LCMSs Assignment

To what extend do you find Moodle usable? Considering the features and interface of the system, please criticize the usability of Moodle (ease of use, navigation, appearance etc.).

#4 Virtual Classrooms & Webinars Discussion: Which is better? Virtual Classrooms or Webinars?

Discussion: Which is better? Virtual Classrooms or Webinars?

Please discuss your experiences of conducting to different online lectures. Which type has more benefits for you and why?

#7 Copyright, DRM & Plagiarism Discussion: Using Plagiarism Software

To what extend are your  instructional materials are original? After reading find out about your own instructional materials by using the free plagiarism software at Think about the ways about how ...

#8 e-Assessment Discussion: Pros and Cons of Online Assessment

Please discuss the advantages and disadvantages of online assessment processes. Provide alternative solutions to the problems you stated, or suggest effective solutions with evidence.

#9 Graphic Design Why do we need graphic designs?

What do you think about graphic design and its power? Why do we need graphic designs? Please discuss these topics in the context of your expertise area.

#11 Multimedia Content Development Discussion: In which case are text, image, video, animation more useful?

In this section, you are expected to discuss which multimedia content may be more useful by selecting different target audiences, different subject areas and different goals.

#13 Social Media and Emerging Technologies Discussion: The Role of Social Media in Education

"The use of social media in education provides students with the ability to get more useful information, to connect with learning groups and other educational systems that make education convenient. ... Students can benefit from online tutorials and resources that are shared through social ...

#14 Quality Assurance in e-Learning Discussion: Factors Affecting Quality

Which factors are best predictors of quality in online learning? How can you guarantee sustainibility of these factors?